Cluj-Napoca has attracted the reputation of the new Silicon Valley of Europe

Due to its growing IT and Software Development community (more than 250 companies – both domestic and international) the city emerged as one of the most actives digital and technology expert services provider. The city is also developing flagship projects that foster innovation like Cluj Innovation City.


Cluj-Napoca has been designated the hosting city for the European Commission Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2017 and related events

In June 2017, the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca in partnership with The European Commission’s Directorate-General CONNECT in the shape of the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) in partnership with the European Committee of the Regions, the Innovation Value Institute ARIES Transilvania, and the Transilvania Consortium Clusters have organized the city’s first 2-day Innovation Dialogue (10-11 June),  The Clusters Matchmaking session (12 June), The Town Hall Debate (13 June) ,  The Open Innovation 2.0 Conference (13 – 14 June), The Innovation Luminary Awards (13 June) and the Innovation Expo (13 -14 June).