Cluj IT Market Report 2017: Emerging Digital City

According to the most recent IT market report, released today in Cluj-Napoca, one out of eleven people from Cluj is currently working in the IT sector and Cluj employs 13.8% of the total IT workforce in Romania. The average Cluj-Napoca IT employee is about 31 years old and holds a specialized higher education degree. 79% of the total IT workforce is directly productive and the majority’s retention duration for an IT employee is of 3 to 5 years.

Cluj IT Market Report 2017 is a project of ARIES Transilvania, iTech Transilvania Cluster and Cluj-Napoca Municipality. On the occasion, we congratulate Ms. Bianca Muntean – Executive Director of ARIES Transilvania and of iTech Transilvania Cluster, for the constant efforts that she and her team are making to promote and position Cluj-Napoca as an innovation and technology center of Europe.

The research included 21345 companies from Romania, including 1235 companies from Cluj. The report extract for Cluj region is relevant, since Cluj Napoca is reputed as the software development and R&D hub of Romania, revealing a weigh of 10% from the total domestic IT market, ranked #2 in the country.

Cluj-Napoca – the Fastest Growing Romanian IT Pole

One of the major findings is that in spite of the capital city that concentrates most of the IT companies in the country, Cluj-Napoca had a superior growth rate between 2011-2016: 81% growth rate in Cluj-Napoca versus 38% growth rate in Bucharest.

The main contender IT technology centers – in terms of active companies – in Romania are Timișoara (3rd), Iași (4th) and Brașov (5th).

Cluj-Napoca – Romania’s IT Start-Up Champion in 2017

Another interesting aspect emerging from the Cluj IT Market Report 2017 is that Cluj-Napoca recorded a growth of 281% in IT start-up volume during 2011-2016. In other words, the number of IT start-ups in Cluj-Napoca ahs almost tripled!

What’s more (!), the Cluj IT Market Report 2017 emphasizes the fact that 54% of the total start-ups set up in 2016 are concentrated in 4 main cities of Romania: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, and Timișoara.

Cluj-Napoca – Digital City of Romania

Cluj-Napoca, city host of the 5th high-level European Open Innovation 2.0 Conference in 2017, European Youth Capital in 2015 and European City of Sport in 2018, is actively striving to catch up with the global digital economy trends. These efforts resulted in positioning Cluj-Napoca on Europe’s growing technology and innovation centers map as a digital city of Romania.

What makes Cluj-Napoca IT community stand apart? There are several factors, that we at SOFTECH can confirm to be critical for our lasting business life in the software development sector: the core of highly skilled IT experts, the active local entrepreneurship spirit, the healthy IT business community, the quality IT workforce prepared by Cluj Napoca’s elite Universities, the local IT branding as a quality and relaibility emblem, everything backed up by a set of notable business ethics.

Author: Diana Ciorba


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