Industry 4.0 – Transylvania & Romania Go Digital

Cluj-Napoca: WATIFY event on February 19, 2018, held by the local ARIES Transilvania and regional iTech Transilvania Cluster, under the umbrella of The European Technology Transformation Week, February 19 – 23, 2018.

The European Commission will host the European Industry Days on February 22-23 2018 in order to align European policies and to enable industry sectors to foster innovation across Europe, The event also aims to highlight new emerging industrial, societal and environmental trends that may need a policy response.

Objective of Industry 4.0 Event in Cluj-Napoca

The main objective of the event is to find innovative tools for helping relevant stakeholders to take on “The Road from Outsourcing to Innovation”. The final ends of such an endeavor is to shape a local sustainable development using digitalization as key tool.

The event is built under the frame of Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub and its’ purpose is to feature clusters and their innovation needs so that expert member companies may bring innovative solutions for the local clusters’ growth and development.

About Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub

Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub offers digitalization services for different industries through its members and supports the development of innovation within Transylvania’s IT companies. The means to achieve this purpose is the offering of digitalization services for non-IT industries through software automation tools, communication and collaboration IT tools and the training for the latest digital solutions.

Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub supports the development of digital skills competences by offering non-expert IT courses and trainings (soft skills trainings and also hard skills trainings) for the employees of ICT sector.

Transilvania Digital Hub serves the technological and digital component of the IT and non-IT industries.


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